Tom Lau - Designer & Developer

Multidisciplinary product designer based in Hong Kong who does UX, UI, coding, product management, mentoring, and problem-solving.

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Foodpanda Group Ordering ↗

Seamless food ordering experience with friends and coworkers

Wristcheck ↗

Luxury pre-owned watch marketplace

GogoX Delivery for Mobile ↗

Crowd-sourced package delivery for personal and business purposes on the go

+10% order funnel, 5x faster response time, -17% cancellations

GogoX Delivery for Businesses ↗

Logistic solutions for SMEs and enterprises

2x orders placed per merchant, +15% registration funnel, 23% time saved per order

Hypebeast for iOS and Android ↗

Personalized reading experience for millions of streetwear enthusiasts around the world

HBX for iOS and Android ↗

Curated fashion and lifestyle shopping experience

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Speaking engagements

Product Management Night Hong Kong 2020

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